About Us

Our Mission

RemoteCareEducation was formed to provide specialized training to clinicians participating in medical mission work in remote regions. From Dr. Ben La Brot, President of RemoteCareEducation: “Almost every specialized activity in the world requires training, yet almost no clinicians undergo any formal preparation before deploying to participate in foreign medical mission work.  This puts patients AND clinicians at serious risk! As the founder of Floating Doctors, I have supervised thousands of health care volunteers from around the world in a variety of mission settings, and a significant part of my role is to orient volunteers to challenging and unfamiliar health landscapes and to get them functioning safely and effectively.

I have seen many well-meaning but poorly executed mission interventions–some of which resulted in catastrophic outcomes—and almost all of them could have been prevented by the right knowledge, if only the clinician had received proper guidance and preparation.

This CME is our solution to get better care for patients and safer, more rewarding experiences for medical mission participants.”