Our Team

Dr. Benjamin La Brot, President of Remote Care Education and Founder of Floating Doctors.
Dr. Benjamin La Brot is a career medical missionary and the founder of the Floating Doctors medical team, specializing in sustainable health access improvements in challenging rural environments.   Trained at the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland and with mission experience in Haiti, Honduras, Tanzania, Mexico, and Panama. Dr. La Brot brings a unique perspective on planning and improving provider mission performance.  

Ryan McCormick Bio Pic
Dr. Ryan McCormick
Dr. Ryan McCormick grew up in Los Angeles and was a founding member of Floating Doctors, serving as the Vice President for 5 years. After working for a year rebuilding Southern Wind, he worked in the clinics in Haiti and Honduras before going to medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. While there, he took the lessons he learned in providing patient care and expanded on them completing additional education in Emergency Medicine, Wilderness Emergency Medicine, and Trauma Management.  During school he continued to assist in fundraising and logistical planning.  After graduating he returned home to Los Angeles working with Ben’s father, Dr. George LaBrot, at UCLA and doing clinical research at LA County/USC Hospital for a year.  He is currently completing his Medical License Exams and working as a Clinical Research Coordinator for the Neurological Emergency Treatment Trials at the University of California San Francisco, and plans to apply to start a residency in Emergency Medicine in July 2017.