Ultrasound Training

PANAMA_1453a_originalUltrasound is an incredibly powerful tool for medical mission work.  Its utility crosses many specialties, and practical ultrasound skills can be learned in a short time.  Using live models, participants will review basic techniques and practice a variety of exams under the guidance of skilled medical mission sonographers.




Ultrasound workshops focus on:

  • Pre-natal and genitourinary/breast ultrasound
    • Placenta praevia, twins, fetal gender identification
    • External ultrasound techniques for ovarian and uterine exam
    • Breast mass ultrasound
  • Cardiac, hepato-biliary, and FAST ultrasound diagnoses
    • Congenital heart defects
    • Rheumatic Fever
    • Lithiasis
    • Acute abdominal screening

Participants should gain improved diagnostic ultrasound skill for more effective mission performance, and develop a foundation from which further self-directed sonography improvement can take place.

Check out the power of portable ultrasound in remote mission settings–come learn how to do this!