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The University of Minnesota will be handling all participant registrations, and you can link directly to the registration portal from this website below.


Your CME will take place in a foreign country and Floating Doctors will arrange temporary licensing for you to practice during your live clinic deployments. More information than you are used to providing for CME participation may be required to register.  Please understand that this is needed for vetting and licensing you with the Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health).  If you have any questions about why we need any information, please feel welcome to contact us directly and we will be happy to explain or suggest alternatives.

Please make sure to have the following items/information ready to enter or upload:

  • Travel Health Insurance Information (we strongly recommend purchasing short term traveller’s health insurance for your CME trip; available online from many agencies).

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • For licensing: color copy/scan for upload of:

    • Valid Medical License

    • Medical School Diploma

    • Passport Photo/Info page

    • Resume (may be very basic, short one-page summary. Does not need to be elaborate, but any format/length accepted).

To Register by mail, please email:

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